Greek HoneyBun Cake

*Ingredients are colored in Orange

𝟒. 350 F (325F if Dark or Nonstick Pan)
𝟒. 13 X 9 inch Baking Pan
+ Grease
+ Dust Flour


𝟣. Big Bowl +
1 box Yellow Cake Mix
2/3 C Oil
4 Eggs
8 oz Sour Cream
β†’ Whip on Low speed, 30 sec.
β†’ Med speed, 2 min.

𝟀. Pour Half of it into Bakingn Pan.

πŸ₯. Small Bowl +
1 C Brown Sugar
2 Β t Cinnamon
Optional 1/3 Cup Almonds / Chopped

𝟦. Carefully Pour into Baking Pan

𝟧. Carefully pour the rest of Cake Mixture into Baking Pan.
𝟨. Bake 44 – 48 min. – Deep Golden brown.


Small Bowl +
1 C Powdered Sugar
1 T Milk
1 t Vailla

𝟩. Poke Cake with fork.
πŸͺ Spread Frosting on top.

𝟫. Cover, Refrigerate 1hr.


Author: herrecipecards

Cooking both professionally and personally. From South Korea, with an American man, living and working in Caribbean!

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